Our Mission & History

Partnering with schools to create safer learning environments.  ASCIP’s mission is to provide the highest quality of service and the most extensive coverage available to its members at a competitive price.

Formed in 1980 as a joint purchase program, the Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs (ASCIP) became a risk-sharing pool in 1985.  ASCIP is a non-profit public agency and Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that provides liability, property, workers’ compensation, health benefits, and school construction insurance to public school districts, charter schools, community colleges, and subsidiary JPAs throughout the state of California.

Our philosophy of efficient operations and fiscal prudence has resulted in a net position of over $225 million in net position while enabling us to extend coverage to a student population of 1.2 million and a total insured value in excess of $35 billion.

Financially strong with 40 years of providing outstanding quality, extensive coverage & premier services to meet school's needs.

The ASCIP Difference

Broad Coverage

Outstanding All-Inclusive Menu of Services

Program Cost

Membership Considerations

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