ASCIP offers an extensive variety of risk management training services to our members. Our intention is to provide knowledge and solutions to address the member district safety needs. All training services are available to our members at no additional cost.

Online Training for Employees

ASCIP offers a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) for online training which includes advanced tracking and management capabilities allowing members to assign training to employees and track their completion.  Training can be assigned to particular groups of employees to help you comply with various training requirements, whether it be “Sexual Harassment Prevention” for your management team or ”Accident Prevention” for all employees.  Once assigned the training, LMS will do the rest – notification of required completion date, send reminder notices, then notify the administrator of completion.

This enhanced training system is being offered as one more benefit to ASCIP’s Property & Liability and Workers’ Compensation program members at no additional cost, and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will be happy to visit your site to provide a hands-on demonstration on the capabilities of the LMS and its ease of use.  We believe the LMS will prove to be invaluable to your organization and employees due to its potential to educate employees on injury prevention, protection of assets and to help you comply with your numerous training needs.

Please contact us right away to sign up for this service,  or to ask any questions.  Your ASCIP LMS contacts are Kimberly Kennedy at 562-404-8029 or

Exclusive Member On-Site Trainings

Customized health and safety trainings are offered live at member locations or virtually for school district and community college staff.  There is a minimum number of attendees (15) for onsite services. Contact your Risk Consultant to explore the many training options you have to keep your employees safe. Examples of ASCIP on-site training topics include but are not limited to:

  • Active Shooter Prevention
  • Employee Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Employment Practices
  • Forklift Operations
  • Safe Body Mechanics
  • Special Ed Policy and Prevention
  • CSRM (Regional Training)
  • Molestation Prevention
  • Mandated Reporter
  • Light Search & Recue
  • Defensive Driving
  • First Aid and CPR training (limited)
  • Various risk management topics

Regional ASCIP Trainings

ASCIP hosts frequent in-person and virtual trainings on various risk management topics to provide best practices and awareness on issues that have the biggest impact on risk management programs. These trainings are held both at the ASCIP Headquarters in Cerritos, California and locations regionally throughout the state. To review our next regional training, please click on “Upcoming Events.”

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