Why ASCIP Health Benefits

We Share Claims.  Our self-funded program renewals are based on a blend of district-specific trends with the overall trends of the ASCIP pool. This approach not only yields greater rate stability, but also allows us to share available claims data and rewards districts that implement successful wellness, prevention and early detection programs.

We Don’t Require 100% Participation. Many pools require all employees and dependents to enroll in their benefits programs.  ASCIP assesses the long term risk of member districts using a variety of sources and can accommodate lower participation rates and waivers if enrollment is stable.

We Don’t Lock You In.  Some pools require members to join for multiple years, or they create barriers to exit and re-entry.  ASCIP allows members to exit at their next scheduled renewal date each year, and schools can re-enter the pool at any time.

Rate Change History

Self-funded Pools ASCIP assumes the risk and develops its own annual rate changes for its self-funded pools. Individual rate changes are based on a blend of district-specific trends with the trends of the pool in total.

The average rate change for the past 5 years is shown below.

Chart of the average annual medical rate change
Self-Funded Anthem and Blue Shield HMO & PPO Medical Pool
Self-Funded Delta Dental PPO Pool
Self-Funded VSP Vision PPO Pool

Fully-insured Pools

Medical carriers assume the risk on the pools shown below. ASCIP negotiates rates with each carrier using the combined purchasing power of the pool in total.

5-Year Average Rate Change
Kaiser 2.90%
United Healthcare 5.60%

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ASCIP’s new business rates are customized to each Member based on demographics, locality, product mix, and premium contributions.  This approach has contributed to ASCIP’s renewal rate stability over the last 10 years.

ASCIP offers a set of standard plans with several coverage options in order to provide a range of premium prices.  Proposals are based on our closest matching standard plan, but benefits will not match exactly.

Districts can join any time, and will renew on either of the pool renewal dates of October 1 or January 1.

Districts can leave the pool at their next scheduled renewal date and are required to submit an exit notification on signed district letterhead at least 90 days prior.  The exit notice is retractable, districts do not have to join the pool for more than one year and districts can rejoin at any time subject to underwriting approval.

Districts can choose to join just the medical, dental, vision or life & disability pools.

Yes, unlike most pools ASCIP can provide monthly claims and enrollment data on a quarterly basis upon request for our self-funded medical, dental and vision pools.

ASCIP is a non-profit risk pool that works collaboratively with brokers and with districts who do not have brokers.

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