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Welcome to the new!

We are excited to announce the public launch of our new website! Starting Monday, October 3rd, members and the public will experience: A faster website that is user-friendly on computers, tablets, and mobile devices One click, easy access to online membership programs and events Enhanced resources that feature more information at your fingertips If you have any questions or need any assistance navigating the new website, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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2022 Wildfire Season

Experts report that the 2022 wildfire season could be very bad due to the drought in California and other western states.  ASCIP recommends that Districts prepare in advance by maintaining defensible space around buildings, review emergency management plans, and knowing how to evacuate and close buildings properly to prevent smoke damage.  For more information, access ASCIP’s Risk Alert on Wildfires and District Risks. 

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Announcing $24 Million Dividend!

The workers’ compensation and health benefits programs are well funded and in strong positions to return some equity to its members. So that’s exactly what ASCIP is doing!

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