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The Importance of Setting Clear Boundaries

Parents send their children to school to learn and expect their students will be safe.  But with news of teachers and staff sexually assaulting minors, trust in public education is eroding.  It is more important than ever for school governance and administration to adopt clear boundary setting policies to protect both students and staff.  Help ASCIP protect children – adopt Appropriate Staff–Student Interactions policies. Below is an abridged article reprinted with permission from CSBA – California School News, July 2019.

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Should Genetic Testing Be Part of A Benefits Package?

Commercial genetic testing has surged in the last few years in response to successfully sequencing the human genome.  Using genomic markers to identify diseases well ahead of any symptoms has enormous appeal, but there are several reasons why employers should be cautious about offering genetic testing as an add-on to their medical benefits offerings.

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Using Technology to Simplify HazCom

Attempting to comply with hazard communication requirements, including chemical inventory, employee training, along with obtaining and ensuring employee-access to safety data sheets (SDSs) is a daunting task, so when ASCIP reached out to Debbie Valentine, District Manager of Environmental Health & Safety for North Orange County Community College District, to pilot an online resource designed to simplify the process, she welcomed the opportunity.

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