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Increasing Safety Awareness One Car At a Time

Student safety is a priority for all of us.  But are you willing to knock on doors in your community, visit local businesses and attend City Council meetings to promote it?  Meet “passionate about safety” Laurie Bruneau, Director of Risk Management for the Fullerton School District (FSD), who has done just that to promote “Go Human” at her schools and in her community.  In an era of distracted drivers and fast-paced living, little “humans” walking to and from school are especially vulnerable.  Laurie shares “I have been concerned that schools have become commuter schools with parents blasting through parking lots without ever noticing” the students.   Laurie had been seeking a safety solution when she noticed a Go Human billboard, which humanized the pedestrian.

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Hometown Heroes-How One Member Faced the Monster

The Woolsey fire, dubbed the “unstoppable monster” was the most destructive fire in Los Angeles and Ventura county history burning 96,949 acres, destroying 1,643 structures, killing three people, and causing the evacuation of more than 295,000.  ASCIP member, Las Virgenes USD, was surrounded by flames with every facility in the fire’s destructive path.  During the fire, displaced community members were frustrated with the lack of detailed information about their homes and neighborhoods.  Local emergency services were deluged with calls and didn’t know how to contact affected individuals.  LVUSD, which has emergency contact information for a large part of the community, bridged the communication gap providing a social media knowledge sharing campaign to ease frustrations.

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Members at the 2019 Annual Membership Meeting found they have a whole lot more than great coverage from ASCIP.  Members met new service partners and ASCIP staff, discovered ASCIP’s rate stability despite a rapidly hardening insurance market, plus members discovered that ASCIP is a family sharing risks, knowledge, and resources.  And just like any family, we had a great time playing family-friendly board games as well.

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